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Heart of Buddha - What is Buddhism?

Why are we here? Is there a fundamental truth that we can search for? Rigdzin Shikpo on Buddha-dharma - A way of approaching universal truth.

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Heart of Buddha - What is Buddhism?

What is Buddhism?
A Religion, A Philosophy, Or Something Else?

When we are young we ask: Why are we here? What does it all mean? Can we find any answers?
Is there a fundamental truth that we can search for?

 Rigdzin Shikpo author of “Openness Clarity Sensitivity” and “Never Turn Away”On his belief that the essence of Buddhism, buddha-dharma,is a way of approaching a universal truth.

How it’s not about learning dogma, but using meditation,to see through our mis-conceptions, break down our conceptual frameworks, until we unveil the underlying reality.

This stream is free but If you enjoy watching please donate towards a Dharma Centre in Oxford for Rigdzin Shikpo and the Longchen Foundation so we can protect and preserve these precious teachings for future generations

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